Visits and Appointments

Are You Too Busy to Waste Time?

Life if full and sometimes frenetic, but you know you want to do something to fit-in some time for you and your fitness programme you don’t want to work to a schedule of classes but book ahead to suit your schedule and make sure you are working towards a structured programme so you can see and feel the difference. If you are too busy to waste time, then our private and one-to-one personal fitness training in a new and purpose designed gym and fitness studio will be just right for you. Choose from three options and book your first appointment, it really is that easy to get going…

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Can I visit Viridian?

YES, the best way to visit Viridian at Kings Worthy, as it is a Private Members Club, is to Book an appointment. Come and meet your prospective instructors and see for yourself, our great private gym, ideal location and flexible services. It is best to allocate up to an hour for your appointment or a…

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