Why Choose Us

Want to Shape-Up and Lose Weight?

If you are at a point where you are thinking about how can I make a real-change, lose a few pounds or make a significant change in your health and fitness by losing some weight, we can help whatever your age or current fitness level there is a safe way to take that important first step, so why not see how we can help you…

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Want to start improving your fitness?

Whether you are 40+,50+,60+ coming back to exercise after a pause or a break can be a little daunting, it is so much easier if you can get the help of a friendly expert who wants to take the time and put in the effort with you to help you achieve your aims…

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Do You Hate Fitness Classes?

If you hate regimented fitness classes where everyone is just a number on a register, then One-to-One Personal Training at Viridian will make all the difference to your fitness campaign. Why not get started, with our free consultation and visit Viridian, meet your instructor and just see if this might suit you better…

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